Top Heavy

You fell so often
your skull developed craters
and was moonish,
fizzing lunar transients.

Grit asteroids revised
your cranial map.

Maria flowered darkly.

Mountains surged from plate faults,
and basaltic valleys whirled beside
your blood orogeny.

The sun dripped away
behind your swell of horns
and lit you – a theatre
of bones –
and I sat beside you,
eating moonlight sweet from knives,
then dissolved into orbit.

Clarity Beyond His Years.

“I don’t want

to live


I don’t want



He said,

just us in the room,

cheeks as red

as his lips,

below big

scattering eyes.

I was never able to isolate it like that.

Sleep is an exercise in solitude.

Death is the cap and gown.

……..We sleep a lot.