Writer from Richmond, North Yorkshire based in the Brecon Beacons.

MA in Professional writing, BA (hons) in English with Creative Writing.


  1. Thank you Bralowski for following my blog… an honor and source of humility..a good thing… I look forward to reading more…blessings to you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. “The mountains seem to climb one another,
    scrambling and stumbling as if to run frantically and clean into the sky,
    and all the planets in alignment
    couldn’t bend to form a smile as wide as mine.”
    Wonderful poetry Zach. Thanks for the follow.

  3. Hi there, Bralowski, your imagery in your poetry is wonderful — I love the connections you make. Thanks for following my art blog — I don’t put a lot of poetry on it, besides the occasional haiku (as today), but I hope you enjoy my images. Looking forward to reading more of your poetry.

  4. Happy December! thanks for checking in with me again… I have been very busy completing my children’s book ( a first for me) The Tale of R-Qu… a rock falls off his mountain…. It should be up on Amazon within the week…my illustrator is an 11 yr old friend Blessings, Jeane

  5. Nice to know You are a vegetarian as I am a strong advocate of vegetarianism.
    I find that you are mastering creative writing.
    Wish you all the best .
    Thanks for the follow.
    Like to know how You find my poems from the creativity angle.

  6. Some great work here. I am looking forward to following you. I noticed you talked about performing in one of your comments. Where do you perform? Do you have a calendar? I’m not in England often but if it worked out I would like to hear you reading some of this.

    1. Hey Jason, thanks a lot. I live in Falmouth, Cornwall at the minute, so I’ll be doing shows around the Falmouth/Penryn area. I have no gigs at the minute, normally its quite a spontaneous thing. I do have a video of me performing one of my pieces from last year that I’ll post up if you’re interested. Also there’s a zine produced here in Falmouth called I came here looking for a fight press, and the founder asked me if I’d be interested in doing a run with about ten of my poems. This will be the first time any of my work has been printed, so I’m pretty stoked. It’s not all finalised yet, but I’ll let you know when it’s done.http://www.icameherelookingforafight.bigcartel.com/ that’s the press page. Thanks again.

  7. Well, like the Hall and Oates song, “I’m a Lamb Eater!” . . . or something like that.

    Thanks for dropping by my online writing studio. And, I appreciate your following my work. I take it you’re across the big pond.

    I take my ease at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains (see Waiting to Be Called — http://skipmars.wordpress.com/?s=waiting+to+be+called&submit=Search), and once a year dip my toes in the Atlantic for a week with my family. Been to London once on a car trip through Scotland.

    Again, thanks.
    — SM

  8. Thanks for finding my Blog, and now that I’ve found yours (again?) I’ll be coming back to see if I’ve actually missed anything or if WP just lost you off my Reader like they do from time to time.

  9. Happy New Year and thank you for the follow!
    I’m a fellow vegetarian too, and I really like live happy running lambs 🙂

    Warm regards from Romania,


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