Month: March 2014

The Speechless Bodies.

Though you’re close as earth is to grass
I feel as if I look at you
through the wrong side of a magnifying glass.

Every time I hear you
I feel as if you stare at me like I was a looking glass, smashed,
just to watch me reflect in several sections
perpetually confirming to you what you said to me,
to you back.

Hush my dear
I’ve guessed every word you’d say
and every shuddering move
your restless mouth might make.

Please darling hold your tongue
in fact tie it tight to mine.
I wish for every word on the tip of yours not to resound
but to jump and commit suicide.

Even at a wisp of a whisper
you still deafen me.
I’m begging you my wife.
Let us stare deep into each other
speechless body to speechless body.